7 Seater
7 Seater

The Merc Vito offers a high-level affordable professionally chauffeur driven experience seating a maximum 7 passengers. It is an extra-long wheel base which helps provide plenty space for luggage needs. This makes it perfect for airports, London sightseeing also transporting guests on a wedding day whether you are a large group travelling or simply require the extra space it provides the perfect solution too many different situations and still gives the executive feel.

16 seater executive coach
16 Seater

These luxury mini coaches provide all the comfort of a large coach at a small coach price!

These vehicles are particularly popular for race meetings and family outings and the size of the vehicles means that access is rarely a problem, We have a couple of 16 seaters,  one of which has privacy glass, 3 point belts and large boot.

AT18 AET .jpg
51 / 57 Seater

 These vehicles have on board facilities such Seat belts to every seat, air conditioning and localized heating, reclining seats, foot and arm rests, W/C and washing facilities, air suspension, PA system DVD and much more. They are also fitted with a 'kneeling' device, which lowers the front of the coach to pavement level making it far easier getting on and off the vehicle. 

16 Seater
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70 / 75 Seater

Our most sort after coach for the schools. You can take 2 classes without the expense of 2 coaches.


This is a standard coach with 3 point belts.

 31 / 35 Seater

Ideal for smaller groups and for schools when only one class or perhaps a sports team is travelling.

These midi coaches are very comfortable and more sociable for smaller groups – particularly when guides are on the coach, as it is easier to interact with the group on these midi coaches. The size of these coaches is also a benefit as they have less access problems than the larger coaches.


These vehicles have on board facilities such as reclining leather seats, all with seat belts some with 3 point belts, foot & arm rests, back of seat tables, climate controlled, privacy glass, DVD, PA system, mood lighting, hot beverage facilities. Some have a 'kneeling' device, which lowers the front of the coach to pavement level making it far easier getting on and off the vehicle.